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Case Study - How Saucy's Grew Monthly Revenue By 356% in 3 Months

In 2019, we developed a website for Saucy's Pizza, containing online menus and ordering, strong SEO, and mobile site compatibility. In the following months, we deployed a number of marketing and promotional strategies, which resulted in month over month revenue growth of over 350%.

A strong CRM strategy helped Saucy's quickly reach #1 on Yelp, #5 on TripAdvisor, and the top Google result for a number of highly competitive local keywords.

By building out a proprietary online ordering system for take out and delivery orders, Saucy's was able to move away from delivery apps such as GrubHub and UberEats, which charge more than 15% in processing fees.

Finally, we provided the Saucy's team with valuable customer, order, and analytics data, greatly improving their inventory and labor planning, resulting in incredible cost savings.

To learn more about our website and e-commerce solutions, please contact us.

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